Wednesday, June 10, 2009

21st Century Students

I'm guiding a small group of school leaders through Web 2.0. I have shared with them a video to respond to and posed the following questions....

What are your thoughts?

How is the 21st Century student "dumb" or "smart"?

How is the 21st Century student different from the way you were as a student?


  1. I think students today know more about the world around them. Conversations I hear them have blow my mind. I didn't know things like that in high school.

    Students today seem to care less about doing well academically. Maybe that's just from my perspective, but that is the way it seems.

    I am not sure if I was like this, but throughout my career, I have complained (at length) about students not be able to transfer knowledge from one skill set to another. It really bugs me b/c I think it inhibits their ability to problem solve.

    Hope that helps!

  2. If they care less about doing well academically, what does it take to engage them in what you are trying to teach them? Grades don't engage them, what else might?

  3. 21st century students have all types of information available to them immediately which was not true when I was in high school. Also, today's students are fearless - they are willing to try anything with technology.

  4. The video was quite thought provoking.

    The 21st Century student IS quite smart.

    The 21st Century student is different from my personal days as a student because they are more accepting to change and appear to be more independent.

    What are your thoughts? Will today's 21st Century student be the greatest addition to the workforce..Ever???

  5. In a way, I think that statement "The greatest addition to the workforce...Ever" is a comment to build confidence in that generation....which is representative of how parenting has evolved with this generation.