Monday, March 30, 2009

Text Message Reminders: Gen. X Teachers vs. Gen Y Students

Interesting conversations I've had over the last few days. It all started when a student asked a teacher if they could text reminders to them about assignments and due dates. So far, I've only discussed this with teachers who would be considered Generation X and the overwhelming theme of their reactions is...."That's not my problem, these kids need to learn to be responsible." I guess I assumed that the teachers closest to the students in age would be the most accepting to this idea. Turns out their not! Am I the only one who gets bill reminder text messages? Combine that with students who have been "scheduled" by their parents for a long time and I think I understand why a student would request that service to continue. Is it enabling? Is it meeting the learners needs? What if the student had the ability to set up these text messages on their own? Is that possible?

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